About Us

Handmade, Hand picked and 100% Indian.

Paisley Pop travels the depth of the country to discover the work of artisans who have dedicated their whole life to their art.

With it’s muse in the Paisley art form, Paisley Pop is a combination where Traditional meets Pop – from Traditional evening staples to suave formal accessories, classic to avant-garde, contemporary to desi, from pristine finishes to sparkling stones, wedding trousseau essentials to bold statement pieces.

With no academic or professional knowledge in jewellery design, a journalist and social media girl Tanya took a plunge in the world of creating jewellery. What started as an idea to make the jewellery she wanted to wear but never got, a hobby took a leap and became a full time job! Pranav, an Audit Consultant, brought in his A-game into selling and marketing with a backbone of moral support and bear hugs. Tanya and Pranav – Engaged to each other and married to Paisley Pop Their opinions about designs seldom meet, mostly seen fighting about display ideas, but when they team up, they team up with passion and they are the happiest in all the planning they make successful!